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Jan 27, 2014 | garys | 2124 views
Important information regarding house league
Please see the attached article for information regarding changes to our house league program.

After review of previous house league seasons and consideration at the Association level, we have decided to no longer have a true “house league” system.   We realize that this is a big change for several of our lacrosse families, and we would like to take this opportunity to explain the rationale behind our decision and give a brief explanation as to how we hope to move forward with this idea. 

Cambridge Minor Lacrosse is focused on the personal development of our athletes.  We feel that sport, and particularly team sport, assists in developing skills that will greatly assist our players as they grow into young adults.  It allows them to build confidence, learn how to work with others, and how to perform tasks at their highest level.  We believe that our house league system does not have the numbers to support players getting the fullest benefit from the game.

With this in mind we are attempting to gradually move from a house league system to a more structured system, or what we are calling a “local league” style. It is an Ontario Lacrosse Association travel team, with some changes at the Association level. Several centres in Ontario allow several teams at each age level participate in Provincial play. They are typically titled “1, 2 and 3”.  Depending on the centre, the number 1 team is generally a higher ranked team for provincial play. We are hoping to move to this stye of a system. We are therefore attempting to have multiple teams in each division, as numbers allow. 

Over the past few years, we have had to travel to our neighbouring lacrosse centres in order to make house league viable.  We realize that the travel would be more extensive, but we will attempt to have the games in centres that are closer to us geographically. In order for teams to play “rep” lacrosse, they simply have to declare themselves a travel team and participate in a minimum of 10 “zone” Lacrosse games. We would attempt to schedule games on a static schedule, in order to try and minimize the disruption to family schedules. Preliminary planning suggests a Sunday Night practice and a Monday night Game.  We will make every effort to adhere to this schedule to remain consistent.  The regular scheduled season would run from May 1st to July 11th this year. A tournament would be optional,depending on the will of the teams and the Association  Participation at the annual provincial tournament in Whitby would also be optional. The 10 “zone” games would be mandatory, as well as one practice per week. Of course we would attempt to keep any additional costs as low as possible, and we would as always, attempt to assist families requiring financial accommodations. 

Team placement will take place in April.  Everyone who wishes to play, will find a spot on a team.  A schedule will be added as soon as we are able to confirm floor times with the city and other sport bodies.  If you have any questions or comments please contact: 

 Danielle Fitzgerald  [email protected] or 
 Gary Swift             [email protected]  
Thank you to MINI MALL storage for helping us expand our storage, to help sort and organize our equipment.
City of Cambridge
We are happy to announce our city have approved a grant to help us replace our Jerseys with our rebranding initiative. Thank you to the Cambridge Grants review committee for this generous grant.
Cambridge Bingo and Gaming Centre
Cambridge Minor Lacrosse is pleased to present Charitable Gaming. Community Good. This new brand name and logo represents the good works in part, that happen locally as a result of our participation in Charitable Gaming through the Cambridge Bingo and Gaming enter.