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Jul 03, 2016 | JasonN | 7466 views
Intermediate Open Letter
My name is Andrew Farmer and I am the Captain of the Cambridge Chiefs Intermediate Lacrosse Team. I have played on this team for about 8 years now.

Last weekend, we entered the Zone 8 Intermediate tournament, hosted in our city. We played a game on Friday, 2 games on Saturday and then 2 more games on Sunday, which took us to the final game for gold at 5:15 p.m. at the Galt Arena against the Whitby Warriors.The game started out like any other, and Whitby quickly scored 4 goals on us in the first period. At that point, due to the heightened emotions of it being the final game, things seemed to go south very quickly. The coaches tried very hard to keep the team in line and to play the game as it is to be played. The refs were also doing their best to make calls, but they were not able to control the game.On behalf the team and as the captain, I would like to take full responsibility for the actions of my team during this game. I would like to apologize to the entire Whitby team, the coaches and refs, all the people that had to watch this unruly event unfold, which did not reflect the spirit of the game or that of the Cambridge Chiefs. I would also like to stress that our coaches were not supportive of the team's actions at this time and did everything they could to keep the team under control. We were not praised for our actions that day, great disappointment was shown by the coaches and the team is currently suffering the consequences.Going forward, our team will continue to play competitive lacrosse, in a good fashion. In the game following the league's disciplinary action, we have sustained no penalties or infractions whatsoever, a testament to our commitment to improving. In future finals, or any high intensity game for that matter, I guarantee that there will be a different outcome than what happened on Sunday.It's not easy being a coach in this situation. Taylor has a lot of weight on his shoulders for the upcoming hearing from OLA. The bond this team shares with Taylor is irreplaceable. Taylor did everything in his power to keep our team in line. Through thick and thin, Cambridge Chiefs Intermediate Stand behind our coach

On behalf of the Cambridge Chiefs Intermediate players:
Thank you to MINI MALL storage for helping us expand our storage, to help sort and organize our equipment.
City of Cambridge
We are happy to announce our city have approved a grant to help us replace our Jerseys with our rebranding initiative. Thank you to the Cambridge Grants review committee for this generous grant.
Cambridge Bingo and Gaming Centre
Cambridge Minor Lacrosse is pleased to present Charitable Gaming. Community Good. This new brand name and logo represents the good works in part, that happen locally as a result of our participation in Charitable Gaming through the Cambridge Bingo and Gaming enter.