COACHES CORNER (Cambridge Minor Lacrosse)

Below you will find forms, guidelines and policies that you may require as a coach or manager:

Minimum Coaching Requirements - Minimum_Coaching_Requirements_2018.pdf
CMLA Concussion Evaluation Form - CMLA_Concussion_Evaluation_Form.pdf
CMLA Player Medical Form - CMLA_Player_med_form.pdf
Goalkeeper Exemption Form - 2019_Goalkeeper_Exemption_Form.pdf
Zone 8 Game Sheet Structure - 2019_Zone_8_Game_Structure.pdf
Offense Declaration Form - 2019_Offense_Declaration_Form.docx
OLA Non-Zone Game Exhibition Form - OLA_non_zone_game_form.docx.pdf
Zone 8 In-Zone Game Exhibition Form - Zone_8_in-zone_exhib_form.pdf


At Home Training Schedule From Coach and Player Development

You will be doing a total of 8 sets with 10 reps each movement. There will be 4 movements, Air squat, Jump air squat, push up and over head shoulder press (preferably with at least a 10lb weight). All four movements together equal one set.
Here is the workout:
1) 10 Air Squats then a 50 yard run and back
2) 10 jump air squats then a 50 yard run and back
3) 10 push ups then a 50 yard run and back
4) 10 over head shoulder press with 10lb weight then a 50 yard run and back
        *That is 1 total set. You need to do 8 of these*
This workout is for time. Have the kids with a stop watch. See how much they improve over a 2 week span.
This workout is also amazing for adults. I use weights in mine for all movements. You can change up the movement and add weight as need be.
The cardio is extremely important. If 50 yards is too far  then shorten it a bit. This will build up their stamina.
Lacrosse skills:
-100 wall ball passes with no drops
-50 top right corner shots
-50 top left corner shots
--50 bottom right corner shots
-50 bottom left shots
-30 behind the back shots on target.
If you miss, restart the set you're on.