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Apr 10, 2018 | reno | 723 views
Showing Support for the Broncos
In the wake of the tragic bus accident in Saskatchewan last Friday we are asking for our family of Chiefs to show their support.

Canadians across the country are showing support in the wake of the tragic accident last Friday that claimed the lives of 15 people, 10 of whom were players on the Humbolt Broncos Jr Hockey team by leaving their front porch lights on and leaving their hockey sticks outside their front door.  This is in the wake of a social media post showing one such picture with the caption "Leaving it out on the front porch tonight.  The boys might need it... wherever they are."  

Many in our local lacrosse community are also taking part in this tribue as the sports have such close ties, with many of our young players playing both hockey in the winter and lacrosse in the summer.  One of our local players was heard to say "all i could think of when I heard about it was what if it was us, my team, my friends, my brothers?"  

Show your support for these boys, OUR boys.  Put your stick out tonight whether it be hockey stick or a lacrosse stick.  Show these boys that we are more than a community, we are a family.  And they are remembered.


City of Cambridge
We are happy to announce our city have approved a grant to help us replace our Jerseys with our rebranding initiative. Thank you to the Cambridge Grants review committee for this generous grant.
Thank you to MINI MALL storage for helping us expand our storage, to help sort and organize our equipment.
Cambridge Bingo and Gaming Centre
Cambridge Minor Lacrosse is pleased to present Charitable Gaming. Community Good. This new brand name and logo represents the good works in part, that happen locally as a result of our participation in Charitable Gaming through the Cambridge Bingo and Gaming enter.