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Jun 25, 2019 | reno | 480 views
Message from the CMLA President
To all Cambridge Minor Lacrosse members and families. 
Ours is a fast paced, high action often emotionally charged game. 
In light of a number of recent events our President has asked us to put out a letter to our lacrosse community, accompanied by 2 OLA and Zone policies.
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Good day CMLA members,

After coming out of silent week a couple of weeks ago, I think most would agree that the weeks events served as a good reminder of how great our game is.  The week allowed us to maybe enjoy the game from a different perspective and appreciate the dynamic between the players, coaches and officials, I know I did.  Events like this are to remind us that the great game we love watching our kids play would not be possible without coaches and officials.      

Lacrosse is an amazing sport, steeped in a long history going back hundreds of years. We at Cambridge Minor Lacrosse, like many other neighbouring associations across the country, are trying to grow the game and expose our sport to new people.  Unfortunately, there continues to be a small number of negative stories being published in the media that cast a dark shadow over all of the great stories that should be getting the headlines.

You may have heard of the incident that took place at a tournament in Orillia on June 14 where a coach attacked a ref after a game which left the ref with serious injuries.  This event took place after the coach was ejected from a game. There is no place for things like this in our game.

As a parent and coach I can appreciate the emotion that can take over when you watch your children or team be the victim of a missed call or you see something that you feel warrants a call that is not made.  The game happens fast, officials are human and they may miss a call every now and then. We need to remind ourselves that this is a game and all involved are human.

Next time you find yourself feeling the urge to yell at an official during a game, take a second to remind yourself that it’s probably not worth it and never let it escalate to the point that it did during this incident.  Officials are an important part of our sport and we can’t play the games without them.

As a result of last weekends events, Zone 8 and the OLA have asked us to share OLA’s Substance Misuse Policy to all of our members as a reminder.  You can find the policy in the attached pdf file.  Also attached is the Zone 8 Arena Code of Conduct for review in light of recent events.

As we enter one of the most exciting times of the lacrosse season and our teams enter their final tournaments, attend zone playoffs, Qualifiers and Provincials let’s put our best foot forward and represent Cambridge with class on and off the floor by showing respect to everyone.

Best of luck to all the rest of the season and let’s grow the game through positive acts!



City of Cambridge
We are happy to announce our city have approved a grant to help us replace our Jerseys with our rebranding initiative. Thank you to the Cambridge Grants review committee for this generous grant.
Cambridge Bingo and Gaming Centre
Cambridge Minor Lacrosse is pleased to present Charitable Gaming. Community Good. This new brand name and logo represents the good works in part, that happen locally as a result of our participation in Charitable Gaming through the Cambridge Bingo and Gaming enter.
Thank you to MINI MALL storage for helping us expand our storage, to help sort and organize our equipment.