CODE OF CONDUCT (Cambridge Minor Lacrosse)


Cambridge Minor Lacrosse Association: Code of Conduct

To All Rep Coaches, Players, Spectators and Supporters:

To assist in maintaining the sport’s integrity and dignity, the CMLA has put in place a Code of Conduct similar to that of the Ontario Lacrosse Association. This Code applies to all who are associated with our lacrosse community. It is important that we all conduct ourselves accordingly.  Individuals who fail to do so can be prohibited from participating – in any capacity, including spectator. This applies to House league and Travel situations.
We have now reached the point of our season where our Travel Teams are beginning to form and take those exciting steps towards playing against other lacrosse communities. As such, our players, coaches and lacrosse families become representatives for our local game and ambassadors for our city. As a lacrosse community, we have a shared responsibility to each other to guard against any negative behavior towards any player, team, spectator, official or other participant regardless of where they come from or who they are. Incidents that contravene the Code of Conduct will be investigated by the CMLA executive and dealt with according to our Constitution, by-laws, policies and/or codes. No amount of retaliation, taunting, unsportsmanlike or other negative behavior is acceptable. This is especially important where abuse or negative conduct towards a referee is involved. While we cannot govern the behavior of those from outside our membership, we can all share the responsibility to protect our own image. At times this may mean taking some initiative reminding those that get too caught up in the game to take a deep breath and relax. Or alternatively, accepting the advice of others to take that deep breath ourselves and cool down.
Lacrosse is a game that exists for the enjoyment of all. Keep it fun and preserve the dignity of the game. Today’s players and officials will benefit from the positive environment we create. Cheer and celebrate the high points of their efforts, leave those “less than stellar” moments to go unnoticed. There is no benefit to highlighting our own disappointment or other people’s errors. The values we set for our game transcend beyond the floor or arena. Our young players and officials are the future players, teachers and administrators of our sport. Many of us are their role models. They deserve our best efforts to see that their memories provide many happy thoughts that they can share with their children when have their turn to play.
Enjoy the game and have fun. These years go by all too fast, but the memories will last a lifetime. Help make it someone else’s memories as enjoyable as your own.
Go Chiefs!

  1. I will remember that winning is not everything.  Having FUN, improving skills, making friends and doing my best are very important

  2. Respect your teammates, coaches, referees and opponents at all times.

  3. Give 100% effort at each practice and game.

  4. Know the rules of lacrosse and abide by them.  I will play by those rules and in the spirit of the game.

  5. Support and encourage your teammates. Set a positive example of what a Team Player truly is.

  6. Wear the required equipment at all practices and games, and keep your equipment well maintained.

  7. Display good sportsmanship at all times, on the floor and in the rink.

  8. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake; that’s part of learning new skills.

  9. I will remember that coaches and officials are there to help me.  I will accept their decisions and always show them respect.

  10. Be modest in victory and gracious in defeat.

  11. I will represent the CMLA, OLA and my Community in a responsible manner.


  1. Teach and practice good sportsmanship at all games and practices. Do not embarrass your child by yelling at players, coaches, officials or spectators.  Show a positive attitude towards to the game and its participants.

  2. Know the rules of the game of lacrosse and encourage your child to play by those rules.

  3. Respect the game of lacrosse. Respect the officials. Respect the coaches, who are volunteers.

  4. Do not coach your child. Let players play and coaches coach, and support both positively.

  5. Follow the "24 hour rule"; if you have a complaint resulting from a game (or practice) situation, speak with either the coach or team rep on the following day.

  6. Emphasize the fun of the game, the team, and always putting forth your best effort at all times.

  7. CMLA/OLA enforces a zero tolerance policy towards situations of harassment or abuse directed against game officials, players, coaches or spectators.

  8. Recognize that every member of the CMLA is a volunteer.  Help and encourage all volunteers whenever possible to allow them to work to the best of their ability.

**Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct will result in disciplinary action.